Shark Finning

One of the practices I hate the most is shark finning.

It is the cruel practice of removing the fins of a shark and then tossing it back into the ocean for it to slowly drown to its death, as it is unable to swim without its fins.


The worst part is that they commit such cruel acts for a few fins that do not serve much purpose other than as a status symbol.

Shark fins are basically cartilage, so they do not taste like anything. Whatever you taste in your sharks’ fins soup is the soup, even if the sharks’ fin were to be removed, the taste would not be any different.

In fact, research has shown that sharks’ fins are so high in mercury that it is bad for pregnant woman and children to consume sharks’ fins. The entire nutritional value of a bowl of sharks’ fin is about that of a vegetable soup.

So besides the senseless use of sharks’ fin as a status symbol, why should we save them?

Sharks are apex predators, so once removed from the food web, there will be a domino effect. As predators, sharks keep other populations in check. Without sharks, there will be over population of their prey and research has shown that the domino effect caused can even lead to the degradation of entire coral reef systems.

Sharks are vital to our ecosystem. I have not consumed sharks’ fin soup since ten years ago and I hope that after reading this post, you will stop consuming it too because only when the demand stops, can the supply stop as well.

Here’s a good documentary about sharks called Shark Water. You can check out the trailer at this link:





Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are my favourite sharks.

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Whale sharks: from their name, it is a little confusing, like are they sharks or whales? Fishes or mammals?

Whale sharks are sharks!

They are a kind of filter-feeding fish. This means that they swim around with their mouths open, eating plankton. It is highly similar to a whale, which is why they are called whale sharks.

There are only three filter feeding sharks, the other two are the megamouth shark and the basking sharks. Theses sharks are completely harmless to humans since they consume plankton.

Whale sharks are the largest living non-mammamalian vertebrate. The largest confirmed whale shark was 12.65 m long and 47000 lb!

Whale sharks are found in tropical oceans and rarely in waters below 22 degree C.

Whale sharks are gentle giants and that’s why I love them so much. I hope that this post was informative and made you love them a little more too.

Here’s a video about whale sharks:

Here’s another video of whale sharks at the aquarium:

I think that this is good music to listen to while watching the above video!

Danelia Chim